quantum computing lab

Gate42* is a newly formed scientific research group of physicists, computer scientists and developers based in Armenia. Our scientific interests include Quantum Information Theory, Near term applications of Quantum Computing, Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Simulation and Quantum Machine Learning. The group’s mission is to advance the quantum computing frontier and get closer to solving real world problems. You can follow our progress on github. Check out our presentation at Rigetti QC Hackathon (Berkley) and our grant, program run by Will Zeng.

Core Team

Hakob Avetisyan, PhD IPR NAS RA and Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais / Google Scholar
Hayk Sargsyan, PhD candidate YSU / Google Scholar
Arshak Hovhannisyan, PhD candidate IAPP NAS RA / Google Scholar

Some facts

Quantum Information Science is a multidisciplinary field that brings together physicists, computer scientists and engineers. In the past 2 decades the world has entered a new era of technological revolution. The developments of quantum computers promise one day quantum computers will solve problems not solvable for classical computers. This is reffered as quantum supremacy. Quantum computers are the key of finding answers for many scientific questions including new ways of solving problems of quantum chemistry, search algorithms, drug discovery, cryptography. Time has come for quantum computers to do actual science instead of just being a branch of science.


Hrant Gharibyan - Stanford University / Google Google Scholar



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